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How your support makes a difference

Being able to genuinely help local people living in our community, is how we as a charity, with your support, can make a difference and we know that this matters to you too. Whether we are funding an expensive piece of equipment or something smaller, but just as life changing, every penny you donate counts, and makes such a huge difference to the families and children we are privileged to work with.

Thank you for helping us help others to be Over the Moon…

Thank yous from families we have helped...

We have agreed to fund 32 hydrotherapy sessions for a 6 year old girl from Surrey

She suffers from muscular distrophy, scoliosis and hip displacement.

£2,480 funded much needed hydrotherapy sessions to enable her to build muscles for mobility and to stretch with water support

Thank you very much for your email! This is brilliant news! I feel very lucky to have found you! Nicole will benefit so much from your kind donation! Nicole can’t wait to be, in her words, famous

This little boy is 7 years old and has cerebral palsy. He is wheelchair bound

£3,414 provided a specialist toilet for his adapted bathroom

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks for your extremely generous purchase of the special W.C! We are delighted and it is with enormous gratitude

Oliver is 13 and has Autism, Anxiety and Chronic Sleep Disorder

£1,445 funded a plastic shed which inside has a pressure vest and a squeeze machine so he be in a safe environment of his own

Thank you doesn’t seem to portray the appreciation that we feel. By supporting us to help Oliver with his sensory needs means we can focus on supporting his mental health, his copying abilities and helping to keep him calm and focused. We really do appreciate the help.

This sweet 5 year old child has Cardio Facial Cutaneous Syndrome, BRAF, Hyper Cardio Myopathy and Hearing Loss

An iPad was provided to help develop her speech with her speech therapist and the specialist app on the iPad was invaluable

£309.97 funded an iPad

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Liberty’s iPad she loves it and is getting to grips with her speech app already and her speech therapist is going to introduce the programme for her at school too.

This 4 year old boy has been diagnosed with ASD and Hypermobility as well as severe speech and language delay. He has hardly any understanding and also isn’t aware of the dangers around him making him very vulnerable when going out

The Kool Stride Pushchair is designed solely for disabled children

£1125 provided a specialist pushchair

I can’t Thank you enough for funding the Kool stride for us, you have been absolutely amazing. It’s honestly changed our lives as we are now able to get out and take him wherever we want. We can take the dog for a walk with him which he loves, we struggled so much before as he refused to walk anywhere, he’s so happy with his new pushchair, so much more comfortable and there’s so much more room to grow, mason doesn’t have to worry when we’re out and about now. He feels so safe in there. Your an amazing charity, I can’t believe how quickly it was all sorted for us. We will forever be great full!

Isabel is 17 years old and has Cerebral Palsy; she has movement but limited control over her limbs and fingers. Isabel has an electric wheelchair which supports her getting around; she is yet to be able to control this completely independently. Isabel is able to move using her hands and knees for a limited time

Hydro Therapy at home will benefit her muscles and wider mobility as she is not able to attend a public Hydro hot tub. Her goal is to one day live independently and this would support her ability to do that

Funding of £498 provided a Hydro hot tub for the garden

Oh wow thank you so much Isabel will be over the moon and benefit so much from this :)

Dixie is a 6 year old little girl born with Genetic deletion 15q11.2, Autism, Epilepsy, Learning Difficulties, and Global Developmental Delay

£1112.00 provided a specialist all terrain buggy which enables her family to get out and about with her which was not possible before

Thank you so much!! I’m planning to take Dixie up the downs for a walk at the weekend so I will take some photos for you. It will be the first time she’s ever been able to go up there as it’s within walking distance of our house. I’m so grateful for your help towards the buggy!! Thank you

This sweet boy is 9 years old and became very unwell and lost his sight, speech and hearing. They believe that he may have had an infection associated with malaria but this is not understood to be medically confirmed. He gradually regained his hearing and speech but not his sight. In 2016 he began to experience seizures. He has not had another breakthrough seizure since December 2016 but this has since started again

He needs a range of activities to expend his energy and this would allow for the boisterous style he enjoys but safely. He has a love of music and this calms him when he is feeling anxious. It would give him the auditory feedback he craves. There is a potential that he could go to music college later. It would improve his motor skills – he is lacking strength in his hands and can’t produce Braille at present. An improvement would see him be able to do this. It would develop his muscle memory.

Funding provided £149.99 for this drum kit

Eden is 7 years old and has Dystonic/Impotonic cerebral palsy, epilepsy and Kawasaki Disease

Funding of £329 provided an Ipad

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Over The Moon in kindly purchasing me an IPad!!

I absolutely love it and can’t believe that your charity was able to get it for me!! Thank you again, Eden

This is a photo of a 12 year old little girl who has Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome

£899 provided a much needed laptop

Thanks you so much for this. will be thrilled.

thanks again, very much appreciated.

This little girl is 3 years old and has a rare gene abnormality. She suffers from epilepsy, global development delay, vision impairment and polymicrogyria.

Funding provided £1,964.75 for a much needed specialist car seat which gives postural support usually reserved solely for special needs pushchairs

Hello!! Just seen you have ordered the car seat for Amelia! We can’t thank you enough! Love chloe and Amelia xx

An iPad was given to George who has Autism, ADHD, Hyper mobility and struggles with communication and interaction

Funding provided £429

I can’t thank you enough for providing George with new a new IPad, he has been busy making videos and interacting with his siblings by asking them to provide voices for his characters which is lovely to see. Here is my very happy George x Many many thanks from my husband and I.

A camping tent was provided for this 17 year old beautiful girl who has global development delay and juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. She also has photo sensitive epilepsy and experiences a range of joint aches and pains, and has had physiotherapy support in the past. She also suffers from stress incontinence and psoriasis

She will be able to camp in the garden with her family for support and to gradually build her independence in the future. The toilet and area for colouring is really important to her because of her continence issues and also her anxiety.

Funding provided £500

Thank you so much for agreeing to fund Shakira’s tent, and for agreeing this so promptly. I know that my colleagues and I in the Choice Team have been so grateful for the Support of Over the Moon, particularly during the Covid19 pandemic. Your support for disabled children in West Sussex has been invaluable and is appreciated by our whole service.

Hannah has global development delay, is non verbal and has limited mobility and we have provided her with a new specialist wheelchair swing which means she can now play outside with her family

Funding provided £708

Thank you so much for your e mail regarding Hannah’s request for a wheelchair swing. It will be a Godsend and make it possible to join in outside fun with her siblings. We are very grateful for your help.

William is 11 years old. He has autism, sensory processing disorder, developmental coordination disorder and dyslexia

Thank you so much again to Over the Moon for funding a new iPad for William. We are so grateful and the timing was absolutely perfect. It has really helped William over the last few weeks when school has been closed and he’s had far more time at home than usual. He’s delighted that he can now access apps that he was unable to previously. It’s wonderful to see him use it to help calm and regulate himself rather than get so frustrated as he did using his old one. He is accessing books more than ever using his iPad to access the audio versions which is such a positive. It’s been so helpful that he can once again independently and calmly access his iPad, enabling me to have some time to support his siblings.

We are so grateful and amazed at the speed you were able to get the iPad to us. Thank you so much to yourself and Over the Moon.

Funding for an iPad of £479

How are you? Thank you for my iPad. It has been very helpful while i am at home and can’t see people at school or my carers and it has help me with my school work. it has made me very happy.

Thank you from William

A charming 17 year old boy from West Sussex with autism and epilepsy

Funding of £841.20 paid for sensory furniture to go in his safe space

We finally in our therapy room and using the furniture over the moon charity kindly bought to use He’s loving his den See attached photos thank you so much xx ❤️

The Surrey branch of Wooden Spoon Charity kindly gave us £3,600

This very generous amount went towards a specialist wheelchair for a 3 year old from Surrey and some much needed therapy for another child from Surrey

Jude Is 3 years old and has cerebral palsy and other significant complications

Wow what can I say, a massive thank you for buying this for Jude, he’s been stuck indoors all this time, this will give him the freedom to venture outside and just swing to his hearts content.

I can’t put in words how much we as a family are going to cherish having him outside smiling with his own equipment.

Funding provided £329 for a specialist swing seat, liner and rain cover

Jack has Downs Syndrome and Dyspraxia. He can only walk short distances and has back and hip pain

Jack has just bought an ice cream using his new mobility scooter to get him there. He is 17 years old and now has more freedom with the help of his scooter

Funding provided £429 towards the lightweight mobility scooter

This gorgeous little girl has Aicardi Syndrome, Microcephaly, Visual Impairment and Global Developmental Delay

A mobility scooter helps her get around

Funding of £395 for the mobility scooter

I can’t thank you enough for the scoot 4 in 1. It is amazing it will make such a difference for her with the summer coming up she will be on the same level as the other children it is fantastic thank you so much xx

Edith is 4 years old. She has a hole in the heart, global development delay, epilepsy, is deaf and also visually impaired

“Edith adores her new swing and sends a big smile as a thank you“

Funding of £303 for specialist swing

Thank you so very much for funding the swing for her. It is something we would not have been able to fund ourselves and has given her so much enjoyment already.

One of our social workers from West Sussex County Council wrote to thank us for funding a desparately needed replacement fridge/freezer which the mother could not afford herself.

Thank you so much for what you have done for the family. At this time anything that helps families when they’re struggling is amazing and they were so appreciative of this, more than just the objects themselves it is the feeling that someone is on their side and there to help that makes such a difference. I’m really grateful to you and over the moon for all that they do.

Funding of £399.99 for the fridge/freezer

Nathan’s mother writes

I cannot express just how much this wonderful donation means to me and to my son. It could not come at a better time.

He is severely autistic with severe developmental delay. He goes to a wonderful special needs school but however due to lack of funding from Hampshire Council, he has yet to be provided a much needed sensory occupational assessment. I just know that this assessment will make the difference to both his school life and home life.

I am ever so grateful for the donation provided and I would be so happy to let you know just how much of a difference it will be make in our lives.

Riley suffers from non verbal autism and has sensory issues

I would just like to say a big thank you to Over The Moon. The work that it does is changing lives. I know that thanks to your generosity my son has a better chance of fulfilling his potential. Autism is a mystery and the spectrum vast.

Funding paid for a course of therapy sessions

I am just beginning this Special Needs journey but knowing that there are charities like yours that truly cares and helps restores my faith and gives me hope

From a Disability Team Social Worker working in West Sussex

I am so grateful to the charity for your swift responses and support through challenging times to help our most deserving families.

A very heartfelt thank you to you all

From One Of Our Social Workers In Hampshire

I have made a couple of applications requesting funding for items for some of our young children who access services from the Disabled children’s Team. The donations have made a huge impact on the children’s lives. The donations were used to purchase sensory equipment, a trike, a wheelchair as well as pay for a sensory assessment. The aim of the sensory equipment for one of the young children that we work with was to reduce self-harming behaviours. It has been a great way in keeping him engaged and improving his general health and wellbeing. The trike will be useful for one of the children that we work with as due to his complicated health needs, mum as the main carer struggles to take him out. The trike will ensure that he gets out in the community as this is important for his development.

Over The Moon is definitely making a wonderful impact on these families. Thanks a lot for all the support as it would’ve been difficult for these families without your help.


Joshua is 5 years old and suffers from Trisomy 9P a chromosome disorder and has hyper mobility.

Funding provided £479

“It’s now been about 9 months since Over The Moon kindly bought Joshua an iPad. Joshua enjoys using this on a daily basis and he’s learning through playing as children do. He watches films, children’s TV and he’s now playing games on it which is so nice to see. We are still very appreciative of the kindness shown to Joshua and know how much Joshua loves his iPad.”


Martin is five years old and is blind, he also suffers from a variety of conditions including Autism, Genetic Duplication, ADHD and Epilepsy. We have provided him with a specially adapted disabled bed and mattress insuring his comfort and safety at night.

Funding provided £1,358.94

“Martin loves his new cot and mattress, thank you again so much. x”


Jake has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy which severely affects his movement, this splendid sensory toy helps with his co-ordination.

Funding provided £139.08

“I just wanted the say thank you so much for funding the sensory toys for my son. They arrived shortly before Christmas, which was a lovely surprise for us all. These toys are fantastic for encouraging him to work on his motor development. Once again, thank you - the toys were too expensive for us to buy ourselves and I can’t thank you enough for being kind enough to fund them for us.”


Callum suffers from left sided Hemiplegia and Autism and the Tomcat Trailer Tricycle we bought him helps with his mobility.

Funding provided £1,154

“I am delighted to tell you that we have now collected Callum’s trike from Tomcat and are very happy with it Callum has been on it twice, it’s going to take him a bit of time to get used to it, but it is a wonderful piece of equipment and we as a family are very happy. Thank you again for your charity’s generosity.”